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A word about Vertikals new C.D "Skyward"

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Dean O. Torrence of the legendary

Jan & Dean

The "Vertikals" are songwriters Jim Alquist and James Armstrong. Undoubtedly two of the luckiest guys in the world. Most Musician songwriters struggle with years of disappointment before earning an inch of recognition in the entertainment industry. Since these guys were teenagers they have had direct musical association with gold and platinum recording artists such as "Jan and Dean", "The Beach Boys", and "The Turtles" ( to name a few ).

I must point out "The Vertikals" are not writers of nostalgic music, this is definitely New Music. However, through my own personal introduction I do know Armstrong spent over 6 ½ years buddied-up with Brian Wilson (part of a chosen few). Through that friendship he acquired arrangement and production techniques that remind us so much of "Good Time Music" from great days gone by. With today's troubled world "Vertikals" music seems to be it's own island oasis.

I mean why not record a song that actually puts a smile on your face? Kinda like I did so many years ago. Pretty simple idea, huh?

I hope you dig their music as much as I do!!

Stay cool and keep on surfin',

Dean O. Torrence

Jim Alquist & James Armstrong
"Morning Stretch"